About the certificate

Learn the skills used by project managers to understand a project life cycle, determine time and sequencing, creating a needs assessment and cost estimation, and plan project resource management.

In this online program, you'll work through four ASU Universal Learner Courses. You pay only $25 to begin a course, and $400 at the end of each course to convert the course for credit.

Upon completion, you'll receive a Mastery Certificate in Project Management from ASU, as well as 12 credit hours that you can apply towards a bachelor's degree.

Total cost for the program is $1,700

How it works

  1. Get set up

    Register online and log in to the learner portal.
  2. Sign up for your first course!

    Verify your identity then pay just $25 to start your first course, Approaches to Project Management.
  3. Take course

    Do assignments. Take exams. Get a grade.
  4. Get Academic Credit

    Like your grade? Pay just $400 to add this to your ASU College Transcript.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 with final 3 courses

    Once all four courses are complete, and you convert each course for credit, you'll receive the ASU Mastery Certificate in Project Management.

Why pursue this credential with ASU?

Begin today

Everyone is eligible and you only pay the $400 conversion fee if you pass the class.

Earn college credit

Completion of the certificate allows for 12 credit hours within four courses. Credits can transfer to other accredited colleges and universities as well!

Receive an Industry Validated Credential

The Project Management Certificate is an industry validated credential prepared by leading experts at Arizona State University.

Earn Admission to ASU

For learners 22 years of age and older, successful completion of this Mastery Certificate with a 2.75 GPA allows you to meet the aptitude requirements for general university admission at ASU. Learn more here.

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